Pint-sized pooch survives coyotes |

Pint-sized pooch survives coyotes

Naomi Havlen
Aspen Times Staff Writer

A tenacious local schnauzer escaped the jaws of three hungry coyotes last week, but not without a few war wounds.

Claymore, the fluffy 2-year-old pooch in question, lives with Brad Farmer in a house across Highway 82 from Brush Creek Village. When Farmer’s roommate, Christine Sturgis, let the dog outside in the evening, she watched a coyote quickly lure Claymore away from the house where he was attacked.

She said she saw three coyotes in the area, but could not find where the animals had gone. Farmer was out of town when his dog was attacked, and so Sturgis said she stayed up most of the night worrying about Claymore.

“At 8 a.m. I went outside, and Claymore came crawling back in the door. He was covered in burrs, leaves and sticks, and he had blood on his face,” she said.

Sturgis admits she thought the 19-pound Claymore was a goner, since she’s heard other dogs who have lived in that house on White Horse Ranch have been killed by coyotes.

“I actually started reminiscing about what a great dog he was, and when he crawled in the door the next morning I was screaming and crying with joy,” she said. “The vets were completely surprised, and it’s amazing how quickly he has healed.”

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Even so, Claymore suffered several puncture wounds, but vets are convinced his strong collar may have saved him from the impact of coyote teeth. The rest of the attack and Claymore’s defense is a mystery.

“He may have backed into a small space and just fought with his teeth,” Farmer said. “He’s a strong little dog – he comes with me to work, where he gets to play with big dogs for eight hours every day.”

Claymore now has scars and a silly haircut around his neck and face as a result of the attack. And Farmer has bought Claymore a leather collar with metal spikes as a new symbol of his tough nature.

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