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Pilgrimage for Ruggerfest

Dear Editor:A pilgrimage is a form of travel in which people choose to leave their comfort to undertake a journey, motivated by desire and commitment. Through pilgrimage, individuals become part of a communal experience by joining with those taking part in simultaneous journeys or by following in the footsteps of past travelers who have pursued similar paths and destinations. It is a tradition.Pilgrims are people who for a short time become travelers, leaving their homes in order to make their way to a sacred landscape. Pilgrims visit shrines, houses of worship and other places that offer an opportunity to view sacred objects or pay homage. Although some pilgrimages are undertaken to seek healing or to fulfill a vow. They are engaging in a search for meaning and spiritual advancement in their quest for the divine; a way to seek and satisfy a deep need to express devotion to the sacred and spiritual.The Aspen Ruggerfest provides this for a community boys and men; a group of Gentlemen Warriors. I have attended nine such pilgrimages. The last five years I have held the Chiropractic Players First Aid station in the Oklahoma Flats of Wagner Field. The record number of chiropractic visits was 337 of a four-day week. “Spreading the Word of Chiropractic through Athletic Excellence.”Pilgrimage typically involves the journey of the physical and the spiritual. Chapels house relics and embody holy presence and attract many visitors. “Ritualistic bathing” may become part of the journey as an act of purification; or maybe not. A pilgrimage commands a certain amount of respect, and persons often stipulate sums in their wills for another to make the pilgrimage in their name. It is interesting that wealthy commoners can afford this undertaking while many are rarely able to realize it.The Internet has been described as a new pilgrim’s pathway, enabling people to re-engage with sacredness and place. For example, Virtual Jerusalem offers 24 hour coverage of the Western Wall. We relish the opportunity to be here celebrating and sharing fellowship with our fellow rugby warriors, on the heath, where many have fallen, but a few have been lifted up to the apex of their destiny.Dr. Sean ReifNorthglenn

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