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Pigs on Hawgs 2005

Dear Editor:John Colson’s article about our so- called Harley cult was certain to cause serious reflux. I hope this note will create understanding about the oft-misunderstood Way of the Hawg.Firstly, it is an insult to just mix in the Timex Tinies, err Rolex Riders, into the legitimate Harley culture. These silent runners with big mufflers are a disgrace to all of us who have worked so long and hard to keep the trademarked Harley Burrrrp sound in the public ear.True devotees of the Hawg enjoy the kinky public thrill of riding around town with a wildly belching Harley under their sphincter. My friends in reform school used to say, “Until you break wind in a crowded elevator, you’re nobody.” Hawgers practice this simple philosophy: Fart through megaphone – Find enlightenment. The author neglected to mention Aspen’s annual Festival of Flatulence, or Pigs on Hawgs 2005, as it is called this year. Non-riders can participate in this summer-long event.When you are enjoying an afternoon at the music tent, surrender to the sound of a Harley accelerating up Main Street in counterpoint to the highbrow classical music. When your outdoor cafe conversations are punctuated by the frappee of leather chrome-agnon men, applaud! When Hawgdogs roar past your house in gleeful violation of feebly enforced noise ordinance, smile. For these devotees are seeking enlightenment.Add a few more Hawgs to the mix and Aspen could be the next Sturgis! Greg “Hawgdawg” PoschmanAspen

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