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Pick Mickisms

Dear Editor:As a lifelong journalist, Aspen and limerick lover, and believer in “wordy” causes, I think the next mayor should be “Mick, the man for all reasons.” He has integrity, motivation, determination, and is firmly committed to working with all to achieve a compassionate and caring community.To note his strengths in a less serious way, I’ve constructed a couple of “Mickisms”:If you think employee housing,Is one big horrible mess,(Like the monster in Lock Ness?),Solution required?You don’t have to guess -More affordable housing?Pick MickWith an emphatic YES!To solve Aspen’sMyriad traffic problems,Mick’s the expert by far.So get up and hikeOr ride your bike,And get out of your fuming car.So, double quick,Pick Mick!Jim PittAspen

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