Physics lecture fulfilling |

Physics lecture fulfilling

(This letter was originally for Dr. Lawrence Krauss, who presented a lecture on physics Jan. 25 at the Wheeler Opera House.)Dear Editor:I want to express my profound appreciation for your book “Hiding in the Mirror.” As a young man, I studied physics at the University of Illinois mainly as a result of a failed search for God. I thought that “God” might be “Hiding in the Mirror.” My “Guru” or teacher, I thought, could be the physical universe. Your book provides a historical chronology and understanding of physics that I have long sought. Thank you for coming to Aspen and for having a booksigning at Explore Booksellers. I bought your book on a lark and am so pleased. “There are no accidents in the Universe” is a postulate that seems to ring true here.Very best regards and thanks,Mike MasonCedaredge


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