Photos: Aspen Misc. |

Photos: Aspen Misc.

Katie Fox, left, and her fourth-grade class present a check to Ascendigo as part of their Lemonade Day donation, an entrepreneurship program offered free of charge by YouthEntity. Ascendigo was represented by its adventures Conlan McGough.
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Two Aspen Elementary 4th grade classrooms completed YouthEntity’s

Lemonade Day in their classrooms, followed by the opening of a group

lemonade stand at the Aspen Gondola Plaza. Selling baked goods and

lemonade, the students’ hard work paid off in over $1,100 earned. After

paying back their investors, the students divided up their cash so that

they each received $10 to put into their personal savings and $200 was

donated to two nonprofits of the students’ choosing: Ascendigo and


Valley Land Trust. YouthEntity’s valley-wide Lemonade Day will take


on July 15, 2017. Visit for more information.

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