Photo: Where’s Your Aspen Times? |

Photo: Where’s Your Aspen Times?

Aspenites and Notre Dame Alumni united and cheered for the Fighting Irish as they defeated the Air Force Falcons, 45-10, on Oct. 26 in Colorado Springs. They also brought a a copy of The Aspen Times.Pictured are (front row) John Stewart, Nicole Hernandez Stewart (class of 2007), Bo Gallagher and Reilly Gallagher (class of 2009), (back row) Cadet Sapp, Cecil Hernandez, Julian Hernandez, Nancy Gallagher, RJ Gallagher, Noelle Hernandez and Cadet Kleisinger. If you have a photo of you and/or your friends or relatives with a copy of The Aspen Times in a faraway spot (west of the roundabout or east of Difficult Campground will do), send it to, and look for it in an upcoming Sunday edition.

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Aspen government immune from development fees

December 14, 2019

The city of Aspen’s office building is exempt from paying encroachment fees, yet private developers have to now pay $9 a square foot, per month, starting in 2020.

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