Petroleum the real problem |

Petroleum the real problem

Dear Editor: Biofuels are really scary for the powers that be. People can make them for themselves at home (very hard to regulate and tax).Ethanol can be cheaply produced by using a solar still. Heck, even hydrogen can be made from water using a solar-powered process, too, so neither of these two fuel options need be costly or polluting to produce. An added plus with a solar-alcohol still is the meal left over from the distilling process, which can be used as feed for livestock, further reducing the cost of ethanol production.As I’ve said in previous letters, biofuels do not require petroleum to work well in an “infernal” combustion engine. A properly designed or retrofitted engine runs perfectly fine on a biofuel alone. The diesel engine was originally designed to run on peanut oil. Brazil runs most of its cars on ethanol. At no great expense, an existing gasoline engine can be modified to run on ethanol alone. The real problem here is petroleum. It doesn’t burn cleanly, it’s a finite resource over which we have little or no control, and frankly, I’m getting mighty tired of all the insane wars we keep getting involved in over it. The reality is, we just don’t need the stuff to run our cars!Bob KeenanCarbondale

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