Perturbed by Kronberg attack |

Perturbed by Kronberg attack

Dear Editor:I was perturbed by the fourth estate attack on Toni Kronberg (“Time to tame Toni,” Aspen Daily News, March 18) and pleased and intellectually satisfied by Toni Kronberg’s published aristocratic letter reply (Aspen Times, March 23).Aspen Chamber Resort Association President/CEO Hana Pevny and Leisure Trends (“Summer guests not quite as rich,” Aspen Daily News, March 23) can learn something from Ms. Kronberg by letting the public and ACRA members know if the average income of summer visitors to Aspen in 2000 at $158,000 and in 2004 at $116,000 was individual average income or household average income.Does Toni Kronberg have to tame ACRA’s wild imagination as she dances with Aspen City Hall and the Aspen Daily News? Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

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