Personal interests in the way? |

Personal interests in the way?

Participation in a small town government can be difficult because at times an individual’s livelihood comes into conflict with their responsibility as an elected official. A test of a true leader is the ability to place the interest of the community before one’s personal interests.

After reading the various reports about the controversy over the future of the mall and the location of the Sam’s Knob lift in the Snowmass Sun, one must conclude that Councilman Mordkin fails the test.

He has consistently provoked the Skico representatives and protected the mall owners. He continues to attempt to change the location of the Sam’s Knob lift in spite of overwhelming support for incorporating it in the Base Village.

It is one thing for an elected representative to have a difference of opinion and advocate opposition to the majority, but quite another when the opinion is so obviously self-serving. The advantages of keeping the Sam’s Knob lift in Base Village, as expressed in reports of council meetings, far outweigh any argument Councilman Mordkin has made to keep the lift at the mall.

Additionally, the mall owners have been silent about their vision of incorporating the mall into an overall commercial plan, preferring to second-guess the Skico’s plans.

So why is Councilman Mordkin so steadfast in his support of the mall? Does he have knowledge of the mall owners’ plans, which they are not willing to share with the rest of us, or are his personal interests more important to him than the overall good of the community?

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Although Councilman Mordkin says he is protecting the interests of the community, his actions do not support his rhetoric. Perhaps it is time for him to recuse himself from further discussions about the commercial plan and lift location.

Bob Sirkus

Atlanta, Ga.

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