Persona trainers may be life-or-death decision |

Persona trainers may be life-or-death decision

Dear Editor:I am thrilled by the outstanding articles chosen for this week’s health section in The Aspen Times. Referring to the first article, “Transformation,” many people are clueless about trans fats, much less that an underground movement to label them has finally surfaced. Kraft, in particular, has earned their reputation for producing horrible foods that wreck our bodies. They needed a new labeling law to make them shape up.The next fantastic article reveals some of the purest elements about human nature, and why we hire personal fitness trainers. A misconception abounds that personal trainers are hired by the vain, ultrarich, who want to look perfect. The article “Personal Trainers: A voice that says ‘Yes, you can'” brought to light the reality of why most Americans hire personal trainers.Today’s jobs allow us to sit with little movement, at a desk, for half of our waking hours. Today’s supermarket chains are more concerned with which Disney character will make your kid beg for Cheetos than they are about growing muscles, bones and brains.With these kinds of strong forces encouraging unhealthy lifestyles, we need to be reminded every day that it is OK to ask for help. In fact, I can’t think of any area of our lives in which we wouldn’t hire a coach if we wanted to achieve success. Wouldn’t you consult an investor for financial success, a realtor for finding the home of your dreams, etc.? It only makes sense to hire a trainer for fitness success. Hiring a personal trainer to improve your health may mean more than hiring a motivational coach: It may be a matter of life and death.As a personal trainer and fitness educator, I have hosted seminars around the country. Your article about fitness podcasts demonstrates the practical side of global technology and information access. With a podcast, or webinar, a fitness enthusiast can gain valuable information, stay motivated, or join a community. As the trainer article mentioned, fitness must be fun and easy: fitness podcasting supports this journey.As I, too, leap into the technology age, I would appreciate some locals’ ideas. I am seeking local readers’ input about podcasts and webinars. What health and fitness topics interest you? I am especially interested in hearing which fitness topics interest our local teenagers, and our seniors. Nina SchnipperBasalt