Permit system needed for Capitol Peak? |

Permit system needed for Capitol Peak?

I just received yet another Pitkin Alert of someone needing to be rescued from Capitol Peak. In the last few months there have been so many injuries and deaths. My heart goes out to the families and individuals of those who have lost their lives. Hopefully now as a community we can learn, and implement ways of preventing such unfortunate events from recurring.

Going through the Aspen public school system, part of our education included Outdoor Ed. Not only were we taught that we were stronger than we ever thought possible both mentally and physically, but we learned about safety, respecting the elements, choosing routes and educating ourselves about our surroundings.

Food for thought, maybe a permit system should be implemented for climbers wanting to test their limits on Capitol Peak and the surrounding mountains. That way, individuals who are not accustomed to our area have to go through a process, learn about the various routes, and only can then they receive a permit before venturing out into unknown territory to climb.

Barbara Sophia Ulrych


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