Perfect timing |

Perfect timing

Dear Editor:

Several Fridays ago I was driving home in the evening after work. It was just after dusk and I was listening to the e-town program out of Boulder on my local PBS station. They were about to bestow their e-award on someone who has made a significant contribution to our world and I idly thought about who I would nominate down here in south Texas along the border. A few names came to mind but those were immediately followed by the images of three ladies from Aspen who would be my first choice.

These were people who inspired me to contribute time and effort to environmental issues while in Aspen and ever since. Just as I had the faces of Dottie Fox, Joy Caudill and Connie Harvey on my mind, the recipients of the e-town award that week were announced. They were none other than Dottie, Joy and Connie! I couldn’t believe it! A chill ran up my spine and tears sprang into my eyes. I’m not usually in my car listening to that show most Fridays. What are the odds! And to top it off, Connie Harvey was there to receive the award and I got to hear that wonderful voice again after 20 years.

Congratulations, Joy and Connie! And I hold Dottie close in my heart.

Kathy Sheldon

Harlingen, Texas