Perfect execution by school staff |

Perfect execution by school staff

Dear Editor:

A lot can be said for why the Aspen School District is the best, but we have very specific reasons why we feel that, even if we could choose another, this school will always be our first and only choice.

Last week, during recess, my daughter slipped on ice, fell and hit her head. Within a short hour, she was not acting herself, and she exhibited symptoms of a more serious condition.

A series of actions, executed perfectly and in such a caring, calm manner by various members of the district, is what inspired this letter of thanks, but it is by far not the only reason we want to thank this wonderful staff at the Aspen School District.

No matter how excellent or exceptional the staff performs as a team, there are always those who excel and exceed above and beyond the staff as a whole.

As I look back on what transpired, it is totally obvious that we owe a huge thank-you to Mr. White (fourth-grade teacher extraordinaire), Elise Dreher (vigilant nurse), Paul Hufnagle (altruistic school resource officer), the elementary school administrators (with genuine, knowledgeable interest in our child), the paramedics for their quick and decisive response and actions and to the doctor and the very professional emergency team at Aspen Valley Hospital.

I also owe a great deal of gratitude to the entire high school staff for its infinite understanding during sudden schedule changes and the overall patience rendered during the recovery of my child.

Thank you, one and all! We remain eternally indebted and grateful. And our daughter is on her way to a full recovery.

Although your efforts could be seen as just “doing your job,” we see how you all go up and beyond for all of your children every day. You are the bona fide caregivers that will affect eternity. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to each and every person who cared for our children.

The Aguilera family


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