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People of the Times

Oh Mary, our Mary – what would we do without her? She is omnipresent in this community and has been since the 1950s. Absolutely everyone knows her and the amazing thing is that we all think we have our own unique relationship with her (which we do), but she is ubiquitous with her friendships, crossing all boundaries that would usually prove to be stumbling blocks to warm, comfortable relationships. Close your eyes: Can’t you just visualize this diminutive little person with giant rimmed glasses padding quietly around the room, the lawn, the festivities – wherever they happen to be – snapping photos with her automatic film camera? The figure belies the strength and muscle contained in that small body. She has been a leader and a decision-maker and a provider her entire life.Mary, the community social secretary. Mary, the editor. Mary, the consummate mother. Mary, the devoted wife. Mary, the writer. Mary, the photographer. Of all the many hats she has juggled, I truly think the real story is a love story yet to be written. It is the story of Mary’s love for her home and her family and her willingness to do whatever it takes to be sure that both continue to thrive.She is my role model.Georgia Hanson,in collaboration with the Aspen Historical Society