Penny ante crap |

Penny ante crap

Dear Editor:I see in the Aspen Daily News article (July 22) that the (still) deplorable sled dog conditions at Krabloonik are going to be inspected by Kyran Cadmus and Dr. Keith Rorhr from the state pet care facility. They are considering, this is not for sure, however, but they are considering a mandatory lengthening of the animals’ chains from 5 and a half feet to 6 feet.Wow, this should have these creatures howling with excitement. Now they can sprint an exhausting 12 feet instead of the old run-of-the-mill and boring 11 feet.Dan, it is impossible to have 250 dogs without abusing them; wake up and really do something about it instead of pursuing this penny-ante crap.Don DixonAspen

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