Peirce has what it takes for BOE |

Peirce has what it takes for BOE

Dear Editor:We are writing in full support of Sandra Peirce for Aspen School Board. Jerry and I have known Sandra for eight years and know her to be extremely intelligent, innovative, fair-minded, flexible and compassionate. Jerry and I have worked with school districts and school boards across the country for many years and understand what a difficult job they have. School board leadership takes people with the exact qualities Sandra possesses.It is fairly certain the ongoing federal budget crisis will adversely affect local school budgets, forcing the school board to adapt to new realities year after year. It’s also highly likely there will be a need to restructure school programming based on tight fiscal limitations. Sandra’s leadership will not be trapped by past or future budget constraints and instead her vision will be able to help the district transcend these issues. Sandra has done her homework on the school budget. Although oversight of the budget is imperative at the school board level, Sandra’s agenda is excellence in student education.We’d like to enumerate other reasons why you should vote for Sandra Peirce for school board:1. She has abundant energy.2. She has a terrific sense of humor; a must-have to work with kids.3. She is dedicated to the Aspen School District.4. She will always do her homework.5. She’ll listen to every side of the topic at hand and form an opinion based on fact.6. She has good relationships with key community stakeholders.7. She is a teacher who has worked in the classroom recently.8. Did we say she has boundless energy?Sandra Peirce is an impressive community member. For the reasons expressed above, Jerry and I wholeheartedly endorse her for a position on the Aspen School District Board of Education.Dr. Jerry and Shelley EvansCarbondale

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