Pedestrian access needed |

Pedestrian access needed

I am a resident in the Westbank Subdivision and have been disturbed by the lack of bike pedestrian access through Prehm Ranch to Westbank.

During the settlement agreement discussions and county conversations with Prehm Ranch I have been amazed by the lack of interest by the county for maintaining bike/ped access through the Prehm Ranch property.

I personally asked the Westbank Homeowners board in December of 2001 to consider bike/ped access in our settlement agreement with Prehm Ranch, but the board was against my proposal.

The Westbank board is still against the bike/ped access and I feel they have not asked all the homeowners if they are for or against bike/ped access through Prehm Ranch to Westbank. I am still opposed to Prehm Ranch receiving motorized access through Westbank, but I am willing to listen to any future proposals.

I know with all change there is new impact on us. The proposed bike path in Westbank will bring problems. However, this “not in my backyard” attitude will not be in the best interest of the entire county and its citizens.

Sometimes you must think of the needs of the entire area you live in and not just your own needs. Right now in Malibu Beach, Calif., the cliff homeowners are trying to keep the beach totally private with no local access. While this case is not the same as Westbank situation, the “not in my backyard” is the same.

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We need to continue to develop a trail system from Glenwood to Aspen, and this Prehm-Westbank section is badly needed. I know some individuals would like Garfield County to condemn other property for the trail. However, reality says it would be to costly and time consuming. This Prehm Ranch section of path would solve bike/ped access immediately.

Also to Westbank residents, I truly believe the bike pedestrian community and county would try their best to make bike/ped access through Westbank as safe as possible for users and residents. This will not be easy, but through cooperation of all groups it can be done in a reasonable manner.

Jeff Wisch

Glenwood Springs

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