Peddling poison, again |

Peddling poison, again

Dear Editor:

After a blessed period of silence, Sue Gray is back peddling the same old poison. If she’s not a paid propagandist for the Palestinians, she should be.

She accuses Jerome Marks of a one-sided defense of Israel … coming from her this would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. This woman is a one-trick pony, who constantly attacks Israel and everything Israeli, defends every Palestinian rocket attack or terrorist action, and never ever talks about other problem areas in the world, like Darfur, Tibet, Myanmar, Georgia … well, you get the idea.

Sue, more than two-thirds of Israel’s people are in favor of a two-state solution, the removal of settlements, and border adjustments and land swaps … where are their counterparts on the Palestinian side? Israel tried withdrawl (total) in Gaza and got thousands of rockets in return.

Israel lives in a very tough neighborhood, between Iranian-backed Hamas and Hezbollah, neither of whom accept her right to exist, let alone a two-state solution.

Gray and her Israel-hating friends never mention this, or the fact that successful suicide bombing attacks are now near zero because of the security fence. No, they prattle disgraceful nonsense about “apartheid,” when Israel is the only country in that part of the world with a decent, democratic, open society.

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Jerry Epstein