Peddling half-truths |

Peddling half-truths

Dear Editor:It’s really amazing how Sue Gray is obsessed with Israel. Our world has many problems … Darfur, Chechnya, Chavez in Venezuela, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, to name just a few. Yet our Sue never mentions them. With Sue, it’s all Israel, all the time.Sue wants a two-state solution … so do the overwhelming majority of Israelis, in every poll taken. The problem is that the Palestinians want a one state solution – “Palestine, from the River to the Sea.” Doesn’t leave much room for Israel, does it? Hamas, the elected government of the Palestinians is committed to having Israel disappear. It’s pretty hard to negotiate with someone that doesn’t recognize your right to exist, and Israel won’t commit national suicide.Israel left Gaza. Did the Palestinians start to build the beginnings of their state? No, their idea of nation building was to lob rockets into Israel and come very close to civil war. Fortunately, Gaza is far from Israel’s main population centers … imagine if they controlled the West Bank, parts of which are 20 kilometers or less from metropolitan Tel Aviv, or Haifa. Think al Qaida with a base outside Denver, say in Golden or Boulder.And, Osama bin Ladin did not say 9/11 was caused by anger over U.S. support for Israel … he mentioned this as one factor, among his hatred for the “corrupt” West, infidels, and U.S. support for and troops in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. Sue not only obsesses, she distorts and peddles half-truths.So Sue, march away with your RFPC folks and the occasional Holocaust denier. When there’s a Palestinian government ready to discuss a serious and equitable two-state solution, they’ll find Israel more than ready for real peace and an end to violence.Jerry EpsteinAspen/Philadelphia

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