Pedaling toward happiness |

Pedaling toward happiness

Dear Editor:

Sunday, I rode the Rio Grande Trail downvalley and couldn’t believe the bike traffic. Although it’s not particularly fun weaving in and out of never ending crowds of cyclists, the spectacle was a joy to behold. From seniors plodding along on their clonkers, toddlers racing along on training wheels, to families hauling their young ones in bike trailers and reveling in the relative safety zone only a bike path can provide. Yes, it was a zoo, but also a blissful, joyful extravaganza celebrating the arrival of spring and the unofficial grand opening of the Rio Grande bike path stretching all the way from Aspen to Glenwood.

What a gift RFTA has given us … and two years ahead of schedule! Thank you from all the many appreciative valley residents who view this accomplishment as a highlight of our communal efforts to make our valley an incredible place to call home.

Bruce Gabow



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