Pedal politely, please |

Pedal politely, please

Dear Editor:

I love taking long easy walks in the autumn, either alone or with a friend, and the Rio Grande bike trail beckons.

But there are predators on the trail. I’m not talking about the chipmunks and magpies ” pretty much the only wildlife along the Rio Grande these days. I mean the shiny bikers who approach a pedestrian from behind as swiftly and silently as birds of prey. We may hear a sudden disembodied “eft” or “ite,” and then they barrel past inches from our elbows, rocketing into the distance, while our animal bodies, not having had the time to identify and dismiss a potential threat, tremble and somersault with anxiety, and our hearts struggle to regain their natural rhythms.

Cyclists, giving pedestrians the right of way doesn’t mean simply not knocking us over. Meanwhile, I’ll be hunting for a walker’s rearview mirror.

Ann MacLeod


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