Peace vigil in Aspen scheduled for Sunday |

Peace vigil in Aspen scheduled for Sunday

Staff report

A Peace Vigil is planned today from 2 to 4 p.m. The Aspen Police and Sheriff’s Office have planned a hot chocolate and cookies event for the corner of Cooper and Galena streets (across from Paradise Bakery), and a few community members and students from Aspen High School have planned to join them there and have a peace vigil. The intent: Spread a message of peace to the community and the entire country. David Segal and Nicholas Vessey (both from Aspen Chapel), Hallie Harrison, from Aspen Middle School, Michael Buglione (Sheriff’s Department), Mimi Hauenstein, Lexie Potamkin and Kimberly Martin developed the concept while discussing their shared heartbreak about all of the struggle and violence in the country.

Their slogan is, “Look at my face, not at my badge or my color. We are all human.”

“I’m from Cleveland, and recently, there has been tension in the community related to social and racial issues involving opportunity, access and equality,” Martin said. “Though these issues have touched my home town, they are national issues and the country has responded, at times with outrage and violence, over these sad and unfortunate situations. I wanted to go home to join this movement, but then my friend Hallie said, ‘Why not plan something here?’ She made a few phone calls and there you have it — our community has come together to send a message of love and peace to the entire country.”


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