Peace starts from within |

Peace starts from within

Dear Editor:If only the end of war would bring us all peace! Inner peace is totally personal to each one of us and can be very elusive. Much as we want peace on earth, it will not manifest until we make peace with ourselves and each other, especially those who have offended or hurt us in some way.How can we keep our hearts open in a world where there is so much anger and misunderstanding? One way is to trust ourselves and others, forgive ourselves and others, be grateful for all we have and just be kind! It’s not rocket science, but it really works – try it! If it’s your neighbor, co-worker, friend, family member, or someone you never met, you can be sure everyone is trying to keep their head above water!Lighten someone’s day with a kind thought or smile; it’s the only way to bring peace to a relationship, home, town, country or world tearing itself apart. It feels weird at first, but soon becomes second nature! It’s not too late, be part of the solution!Richard HarrisAspen

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