Peace comes with compromise |

Peace comes with compromise

Dear Editor:Not every issue is black and white – there are shades of gray. Recently, a resident of Carbondale, Sue Gray, claimed that Israel was abusing the Geneva Conventions and causing genocide in the Middle East. She also stated that Osama bin Laden attacked America because of our support of Israeli. These are vast exaggerations and mistruths (lies).The reality is that the Palestinians are just like any humans, including Jews, and are capable of hate, murder and terrorist acts. Since 1967, when the Arab states around Israeli attacked them because of their religious beliefs, Israelis have had to be in a constant state of vigilance to protect their way of life. When the Israeli soldiers marched through the Palestinian’s regions, the people hid in their houses fearing the worst. Do you know what happened? Nothing. The Israeli soldiers followed the Geneva Convention and treated the civilians like innocents, despite their hateful warmongering. The regions that the Israelis took over were occupied by the Egypt and Jordan. In fact, the Palestinians never have had statehood. The nation of Israel set up schools and other community services, but the Palestinians chafed under its rule. Did they seek a peaceful independence? No, they started suicide bombings of buses, malls, schools and hospitals to wage a campaign of terror against the Israeli people to break their will. What happens when a person uses force to convince others to change their mind? The other people harden their stance. The country of Israel lives in a constant state of defense. Its terror level is always bright red. In the past few years, the Israelis have decided to give the Palestinians the chance to earn their total independence. What have been the results? They elected a terrorist organization (Hamas) to lead them. They are in state of civil war with themselves. Lastly, the Israelis get Quassam rockets launched at the civilian population on a daily basis. Ms. Gray, how would you like to live in a country where you have to deal with the constant threat of being blown to bits by rockets and terrorists? Would you like your children to live in place where they always fear for their lives?Peace is needed. But both sides need to come to the table, wanting to live side by side respecting each other’s differences. The Palestinians need to stop squabbling amongst themselves in order for that to happen. They also need to stop attacking innocent Israeli civilians on a daily basis. They need stop trying to wipe out their Jewish problem and realize that Jews are humans too and need to be treated as a such. Only when the Palestinians act like responsible citizens will violence stop. Israel is ready to make peace, but it takes two to tango.Jerome MarksBasalt

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