Peace coalition gets a bad rap |

Peace coalition gets a bad rap

Dear Editor:Sue Gray labels those with whom she disagrees, “Chicken Littles” (Letters to the Editor, Jan. 8). She attributes to Judith King the contention that the solution (in Ms. Gray’s exact words) “is to lob missiles into Iran in a pre-emptive strike …” This is not simply an inaccurate paraphrase of another letter writer’s words; it is a misrepresentation of Ms. King’s letter expressing the opinion that “Ahmadinejad can be stopped short of a pre-emptive strike by a combination of rigorously enforced economic sanctions and nonviolent U.S. intervention in Iranian politics …”Ms. Gray is a founder and key participant in the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition. While the coalition does not have a formal membership, there are residents of both Carbondale and Glenwood Springs who have long been associated with it. Do they believe Ms. Gray’s vehement tone appropriate for a person publicly identified with a group dedicated to peace? Does Ms. Gray speak for most RFPC participants in depicting Ahmadinejad – who has said that “Israel must be wiped off the map,” whose international Holocaust denial conference was attended by the KKK’s David Duke – as a reasonable leader seeking only regime change in Israel?If the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition is an extremist organization with a strident voice blaming the U.S. and Israel for all the world’s problems, this is their constitutional right. But the public has rights too. The next time the RFPC holds its annual Peace Jam fundraiser, those attending have a right to know what it stands for, not in vague platitudes but in specifics. If the response of the coalition is that it is an organization composed of individuals and that no one speaks for all of them, isn’t it time that others, as clearly associated in the public mind with the RFPC as is Ms. Gray, be heard? If such voices are not raised, the public can only infer that Ms. Gray’s extremist position and antagonistic tone reflect the peace group’s perspective and approach.Doug WeiserOld Snowmass

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