Peace begins at home |

Peace begins at home

Dear Editor:At a time when we are striving for peace in the world, there’s no excuse for the scathing attack on a departing council member by Mark Gold in the Saturday, June 2, Aspen Daily News. Among his many accusations, Mark infers Aspen’s traffic problem is solely the fault of this departing council member, stating, “This is why guests, workers and residents remained stuck in traffic hurting the environment in a broken entrance.” Are we to believe this councilman is single-handedly responsible for Aspen’s congestion? I think not.Gold criticized said councilman for voting against the height of the Dancing Bear in a 4-1 vote. I say it’s a tragedy of huge proportions that more council members did not vote against the height of the Dancing Bear, because we are now stuck with the towering twin towers forever – irreparable damage to the skyline of Wagner Park and all the surrounding residential buildings because these twin towers now obliterate the mountain views. I wish more council members had voted “no” to this ill-placed height, which prevents our enjoyment of the reason we’re here – nature.Regardless of whether this councilman accomplished great things during his tenure as one of five council members, he dedicated a huge sacrifice of time and effort to the town. Gold’s vitriolic accusations were unnecessary and hurtful. Gold’s nasty remarks (which served no constructive purpose) were not his proudest moment, and I hope visitors to Aspen did not read his letter in Saturday’s paper. Do we want visitors to think Aspenites aren’t happy if they’re not being contentious? Evidence supports this theory.Many of us live in Aspen because it’s a mountain paradise, but also because we believe it’s a spiritual place where people can become centered, find inner harmony and reflect on inner wisdom away from the negative, aggressive and argumentative environment of the cities. In keeping with this spiritual enlightenment, let’s stop the contentious verbal attacks and diatribes – because that’s not really who we are or who we’re meant to be. Let your light shine!I suggest we voice opinions when something good can be gained. I also suggest peace begins at home. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with – us.Susan O’NealAspen

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