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PBS, NPR don’t need taxpayer help

Dear Editor:

Mr. Pierson uses the time-honored technique of misdirection to argue continued funding of PBS (“Tipton’s rationale is one-sided,” March 7, letters, The Aspen Times).

He eloquently points to other programs that he finds easy to bash and then wants the reader to draw the conclusion that therefore we as taxpayers should continue to fund public broadcasting. Nowhere are direct facts argued. I’m sure he has his reasons and can state them.

Mine are simple. In this day of multiple media outlets there is no need for government funding of PBS and NPR. Information can be gained from various available sources not funded by taxpayers. PBS and NPR will retain their tax-exempt status and that should be enough help from the government. If Mr. Pierson wants to give his own hard-earned money to them, he should feel free and take the tax deduction. However, don’t take my money. No matter how small a portion this funding is of the outrageous federal budget, waste is waste.

Let PBS and NPR compete in the marketplace of ideas and if they can’t survive, so be it. Children will get their television from other sources, of which there are a plethora.

Adam Beckerman

Snowmass Village and Muttontown, N.Y.


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