Paying the price in Aspen |

Paying the price in Aspen

Dear Editor:

For $42, I had the privilege of parking for two days in Aspen to volunteer for the Buddy Program, and yet the parking department still managed to give me a parking ticket.

This, despite the fact that my parking receipt was prominently displayed on my dashboard in the exact same place on both days! Now they would like me to drive back into Aspen and pay for parking again to appear at a hearing in order to appeal my parking ticket! Or I can take the time to contest the ticket online.

For $42, perhaps they could have taken the time to check my dashboard! Or better yet, maybe they could donate free parking passes to people who are volunteering for causes like the Buddy Program. I grew up in Aspen, and it’s the little things like this that make me so sad.

Tiffany Ernemann


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