Paying more to do the same |

Paying more to do the same

Dear Editor:

Consider the quotes of the week from the Aspen Daily News:

“If SkiCo’s desire was to help out the working local in these tough economic times by instituting a 141 percent effective price increase on my pass, then please stop helping!” – Aspen resident Ryan Whiting in a letter to the editor explaining how the new rates for the Aspen Skiing Co.’s Classic Pass is no longer a good fit him.

“They may be upset but we’ve designed a program to best meet the needs of everyone. Personally, I would say to them, buy a Premier pass.” – Aspen Skiing Co. spokesman Jeff Hanle in response to customer complaints that two-day-a-week passes will not be offered this season.

I have purchased a pass from Skico since 1987 and for 20 of the years it has been a two-day-a-week chamber pass. The emphasis is on “chamber” translation: I work, therefore a premier pass is of no value to me. Essentially, I must pay the increase to do what I have done for 20 years: ski two days a week.

Mr. Hanle’s response to Mr. Whiting is insulting but why should that surprise me? The brochure I received from Skico touting the new season passes as simple, more affordable, four choices … details inside, is just one more example, in a long line of examples about how little the Aspen Skiing Co. values the people who live, work and recreate here.

Theresa Dwyer


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