Pay us a visit, Roger |

Pay us a visit, Roger

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in response to Roger Marolt’s opinion article “Catering to the locals? It works in other towns,” published Friday, March 26, in The Aspen Times.

Mr. Marolt, after reading your article, I was left wondering how much you actually do shop and hang out in town, and if you really are as “naturally curious” as you describe yourself. Along with another charming local lady, I run a small, locally-owned art gallery in town, Prints Charming. And we’re going out of business March 31.

I’ve never seen you in either of our stores, so let me clue you in on who we are and what we do. We’re a gaggle of women who have lived here for years (some of us are longtime locals, some are recent transplants). We sell antique and contemporary prints. Most of our prints are under $100, and many are between $20 and $40. We even have a large selection of old advertisements and illustrations that are under $10. You might have heard about us in Lynn Burton’s article “Prints Charming Smiles on Aspen” (Aug. 5, 2009), in which he calls us “a ray of retail sunshine.”

So, why are we going out of business? Because this is a terrible economy to be in business in – especially as an independent business, and especially in town with high rent prices and operating costs like Aspen (think about how many $20 prints we’d have to sell just to make rent).

I wonder why you haven’t been in our stores? Does our smooching frog logo not entice you? We advertise in your newspaper (often twice in the same paper), and in Sojourner, and with Pat, the Sandwich-board lady. I would like to personally invite you to come visit our little “ray of retail sunshine” before we close. I promise to give you an extra “local’s discount.”

Kelsi Coia


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