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Pay up

Most of the lawyers I have contacted on the web do not believe the below enclosed mass theft case. Yes it is unbelievable.

In response to this I thought I would describe verifiable things that made me successful in the entertainment and computer industry.

At 12 years old I was accepted to the Aspen Music Festival and School (at this time the Aspen Music Festival and School was about 50 % Juilliard students (the best classical music school in the world). I attended Aspen for 7 summers.

At 14 years old I started sifting in with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, members of the John Denver Band and Al Cooper (founder of Blood Sweat and Tears) in night clubs in Aspen. I continued sometimes sitting in with bands of this type for the next 15 years.

At 18 years old I went to the Berklee College of music for one semester (perhaps the best Rock and Jazz Music Department in the world).

At 19 years old I realized that I might not ever make a good living in the music business and I started at Colorado State University as a Computer Science Major (and took computers extremely seriously).

At the same time I was a computer science major I spent a lot of time playing in night clubs and playing small concerts in Colorado and sometimes around the country.

At 25 and 26 years old I sat in occasionally with the band Kingfish (there were some Greatful Dead members in this band).

Every thing above this line should be verifiable. All in all a good start towards possibly making it big in either the computer or music industries.

In 1994 due to my karate ability I started being a body guard for some celebrities in Beverly Hills.

With 15-20 million per leading role you can bet that there are Amnesia causing drugs around to keep people from remembering their business meetings or to even keep people from remembering their own names.

The true mass theft case below is extremely unbelievable. As to why no one is responding to me regarding debts or copies of return checks that I need to prosecute thieves, I can only speculate.

Four to seven years ago I made a lot of money writing parts of national software packages, scripts for movies, advisor positions, having roles in monster suites and playing concerts. People even willed me money I don’t remember getting paid for.

In response to this someone slipped me some extremely powerful drugs that caused selective Amnesia and stole a lot of money out of my bank accounts. I even spotted some houses recently that I think I owned.

If I split this money with who ever helps me collect, there could be more that 5 million in it for each of us.

If you do not wish to respond but wish to help, you could have a lawyer who specializes in this kind of thing respond.

I have corrupt co-workers and criminals writing letters in my name and even sometimes steeling mail out of my mailbox. Therefore I am finger printing all of my letters.

I would like to remind anyone thinking of intercepting this letter that interfering with the federal mail is a federal offence.

Eric Rapaport

Santa Monica, Calif.

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