Pay attention; get outraged |

Pay attention; get outraged

Dear Editor:

I am very frustrated by the lack of responsibility in our county. The latest frustration is trying to get someone to get rid of the dead elk that has been on the side of Highway 82 at mile marker 33 for the past week, not 1.5 miles from the dump. I finally sent an e-mail to our commissioners and to ReRe Baker. ReRe replied, but it is not the county’s job; it is the state’s job to get dead animals off the highway. At least ReRe said she would call someone. At 5:30 this evening the poor creature is still laying on the side of the road.

Will someone tell me why people who are in the position to do something useful in our society pass the buck to someone else instead of taking responsibility for issues? Take Dan Blankenship … this guy makes a six-figure salary and just got a $7,000 bonus at the end of 2008. But when I asked about the lousy placement of the shelter at the Pomegranate housing, he passed the buck to the city and CDOT. When I asked why the Aspen School District does not have a shelter or a safe place for kids to wait for the bus, he blamed it on the school district and said that kids had destroyed the last one. In the almost 20 years that I worked in that neck of the woods, I never remember there being a shelter there, let alone hearing of kids vandalizing it.

I wish the people in charge would take the blinders off and see what is happening here in our valley. Stop thinking about where you are going to sit your butts for a meeting and wake up! We are dealing with dirty highways, aggressive driving, rapes, bombings, kids overdosing, the list goes on. If you are a commissioner, CEO, councilman, director, whatever it is, wake up … Aspen/Pitkin County survives on the tourist industry. If we do not take care of what we have, our land, our environment, our families, then Aspen/Pitkin County will turn into just another sad story ghost town … who would want to come here?

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I saw a bumper sticker that said, “If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention.” This is the problem, the people in charge of our county are not paying attention. How frustrating …

Kim Vieira


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