Paving the way to totalitarianism in U.S. |

Paving the way to totalitarianism in U.S.

Dear Editor:

I have always viewed liberals as seekers of freedom, equality, free expression, harmony, peace and love, environmentally concerned and, most of all, having a great desire to coexist.

This election has brought out some discrepancies behind many of the idealistic signs and bumper stickers so commonly observed in this beautiful town of Aspen and elsewhere.

Opposition, the backbone of democracy, the division, the check and balance that has made this America the greatest country ever to have existed on this earth (I know now there are many liberals who may disagree), is under hateful attack, attacks commonly observed in socialist, one-party countries, where opposition is suppressed, jailed or killed for statements made, signs vandalized or destroyed and hatred shown, mostly in ignorance. If one is not tolerant and does not, at a minimum, try to understand or listen to alternatives, one’s actions, thoughts and decisions are executed in pure ignorance.

Knowledge and humility will result in one of two scenarios: First, one will be able to make an intelligent change in one’s thoughts. The alternative would be a true conviction, a testimony of one’s beliefs with knowledge, and would hopefully help one to understand another view, thus allowing one to be more tolerant of others.

Showing such hatred toward conservatives, rudely shutting down a conversation (sometimes with vulgarities), ripping up or defacing Romney signs, running keys along vehicles bearing a Romney sticker or throwing eggs at the Republican building are typical actions common in socialist countries.

This is America, and I for one will fight for the equality of all!

If you truly wish to live in a one-party state, to spread the wealth around without responsibility, to have no opposition and balance but apparent equality, move!

And please note: The environmental cost of repainting cars and signs or the detergents needed to clean eggs from the building is huge.

Trevor T. Nelson


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