Paulson: Pay more to park your SUVs |

Paulson: Pay more to park your SUVs

Aspen Times Staff Report

Short skis may suck, but at least one city councilman thinks short cars are really cool.

Aspen City Councilman Terry Paulson suggested the city of Aspen start rewarding car owners who opt out of the SUV craze and opt into small, fuel-efficient vehicles. He suggested the city reward those who are more mindful of fuel efficiency with some kind of parking subsidy.

“The average gas mileage of the cars we drive has gone down, and there is less oil – go figure,” Paulson said.

Mayor Rachel Richards said she didn’t think the idea would fly.

“It doesn’t really ring a bell with me. Your idea might make sense if we were in a city where the terrain is flat, but here we really do need vehicles that can get through the snow,” Richards said.

Still, the council agreed to discuss the idea this afternoon at a work session on transportation.

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