Patroller goes beyond |

Patroller goes beyond

My wife and I would like to thank Mr. Robin Perry of Buttermilk Ski Patrol.

Three days before Buttermilk had even opened for the season, I was skinning up with my 2-year-old chocolate labrador, Sadie, when we had an unfortunate accident. On my way down, she had jumped in front of me and the tip of my ski had hit the back of her ankle tearing all the tendons, including the Achilles.

While I was trying my best to calm her down and keep the blood from gushing, Mr. Perry came by in a snowmobile that luckily had a wagon/sled attached. He took Sadie and me to the bottom, where I drove her to Dr. Games and three hours of surgery.

I don’t know what I would have done if I were in the backcountry‚ but for him to be on the mountain, setting things up for opening day, was very lucky for Sadie.

Mr. Perry acted in such a professional manner that it seemed as if he were tending to a human rather than a canine. Most important was that he was already carrying all the tape and supplies that were necessary to stop the bleeding, and the mountain wasn’t even open yet.

He took such good care of our dog, that according to Dr. Games she should be back to 100 percent and hiking up Buttermilk by the end of the season. For all those hiking up Buttermilk, please know that Robin Perry is the best, tending to people and their hounds.

Thanks, Robin Perry!

Michael, Denise and Sadie Latousek