Patently false information |

Patently false information

In a letter to the editor on Sept. 11, Jane Baker Veit has singularly accused Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, of being an “indicted war criminal.”

I have to wonder where her information (and authority) comes from. I assume she is referring to the Shatilla and Sabra refugee camps in Lebanon 20 years ago. If she bothered to do her research, Ms. Veit would find that Prime Minister Sharon has never been a “criminal,” never a “war criminal” and most certainly never an “indicted war criminal.”

What transpired at these refugee camps was brought about by a force of the Lebanese Christian Phalangists and NOT Ariel Sharon or any Israeli Defense Forces under his command.

In a libel suit that Mr. Sharon later brought against Time magazine, it was determined that he neither instigated nor condoned the actions of the Lebanese Phalangists.

Ms. Veit is entitled to her questionable opinions, but she is not entitled to pass on false, in this case libelous, information.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz

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