Passing the baton |

Passing the baton

Dear Editor:

On November 4th, Pitkin County voters will choose the Pitkin County Commissioner from District 5.

Voters must select a representative from District 5, the rural portion of Pitkin County that includes the Crystal River Valley, the Frying Pan Valley, Emma, and the Pitkin County part of Basalt. George Newman knows the entire county and is familiar with both its urban and its rural needs; he has made clear his positions on the many issues facing the county; and he has shown his leadership skills both in his careers and in his interactions with Pitkin County.

He recognizes not only the value of protecting our agricultural lands, our open spaces and our special places, but he also recognizes the need for appropriate public access to our publicly owned lands and open space.

Support George Newman.

Dorothea Farris

Pitkin County commissioner, District 5


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