Pass the sheets |

Pass the sheets

Dear Editor: I read recently where the swanky restaurant Manrico’s has closed its doors for good after a run of less than a year . Excuse me , but didn’t it take three years to build ?Miki Higasa , spokeswoman for the self proclaimed “smug eatery” and I’m sure a seasoned expert on Aspen dining, said “it wasn’t the customers’ objections to the high prices like $20 for a bowl of soup that closed them.” I’m sure that had nothing to do with it what so ever; most of the people I know don’t even blink at 20 bucks for a soup, especially if it’s served in a nice petite cashmere bowl.She also went on to say “they had a waiting list of 30 people every night.” Her reason for closing was that they needed more room to sell a new line of cashmere sheets .Judging from what I saw the few times I peeked upstairs and from what many others have told me, having 30 people waiting every night for dinner should have been no problem because they always had a large nicely decorated empty space upstairs for a holding area, it was called the dinning room.I sure hope Jimmy’s doesn’t go into the sheet business .Don DixonAspen

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