Pass the school mill levy |

Pass the school mill levy

Dear Editor:

I am deeply concerned about the state of our schools and the severe impact that cutting quality education will have on the future of our communities. After $5.2 million in budget cuts over the last three years, schools are already facing the challenges of doing more with less. We need to vote yes for the mill levy.

For an average of just $9.50 a month we can support our community by keeping our schools strong. When the mill levy passes, class sizes will remain smaller (15-24), we’ll retain our most experienced teachers, continue to provide quality materials and ensure that students are prepared for life after graduation.

Most of us can’t imagine surviving an hour with more than a few 5-year-olds. Imagine spending the day (all day!) with over 30, add to that the task of teaching them how to read and write.

Now picture yourself spending the day trying to educate more than 30 14-year-olds. Yikes!

Our teachers already put in more than 100 percent. If we fail to pass this initiative, our standout teachers will have the option to stay and work for less money in a community that doesn’t support them, or move to a district that offers competitive salaries and votes for education.

We all have a stake in getting the mill levy passed. Please vote yes for 3E on Nov. 1.

Wendy Kennedy


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