Pass needs your support |

Pass needs your support

Have you or someone you know planted a tree on Independence Pass? Over the past years local volunteers, private donors and public agencies have joined hands to support the Independence Pass Foundation’s projects.

Our work includes roadside tree planting by local schools, reconstructing and revegetating slopes on road cuts and making the pass road safer for motorists and recreational users. Our focus for the next four years is to complete the restoration of the Top Cut near the pass summit and begin restoration of the cuts at Difficult and Tagert.

Pitkin County has been a loyal supporter of our projects for many years with both financial and inkind services. Although IPF raises funds from many sources, the county’s contribution to our organization has been very important and timely to the success of our work on the pass. The longer it takes to restore and plant road cuts, the more erosion will take its incremental toll on the fragile subalpine ecosystem.

IPF, like so many other local nonprofit and service organizations, operates on a very tight budget with limited resources. Passing ballot Question 1A will help establish a dependable public funding base for nonprofits to augment other fund-raising efforts, demonstrate strong local support to other contributors and maintain an important connection between local government, local organizations and community needs.

The board of the Independence Pass Foundation urges you to vote yes on 1A.

James Peterson, president

Independence Pass Foundation

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