Pass insurance explained |

Pass insurance explained

Dear Editor:On Sept. 1, Christopher Brod sent a letter to your editor complaining about the season pass insurance (SkierGuard) which we market through Aspen Skiing Co.He stated that the coverage contains “unreasonable exclusions,” citing some of the policy terms. For example, he pointed out that extreme skiing, out-of-bounds skiing, freestyle skiing, and competitive skiing are excluded. In addition, he observed that these exclusions apply to those who train in terrain parks for events. His understanding is correct.The reason such activities are excluded is that SkierGuard is designed to protect season passholders who engage in normal skiing or snowboarding. If we were to cover the activities that Mr. Brod mentioned, the insurance would not be affordable. Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded but only if they existed during the 60-day period before coverage is purchased. This protection is satisfactory for most passholders; we have reimbursed dozens of passholders at Aspen who filed claims, and they certainly were glad they bought SkierGuard. Incidentally, ski patrollers do not need this coverage because they do not buy season passes. Mr. Brod went on to say that “it sounds like one cannot go hiking, get injured and receive coverage.” That is not true. In fact, insured passholders can engage in normal sports activities anywhere in the world and be protected by loss of pass use coverage. SkierGuard also covers accidental death/dismemberment and emergency evacuation while skiing.We were surprised to learn about his concerns in your newspaper because Mr. Brod never bothered to contact us or Aspen Skiing Co. with his complaint. Had he done so, we could have clarified his misunderstanding and answered all his questions. Instead, he chose to write you, complaining about the coverage and demanding a refund. That’s no problem because SkierGuard comes with a money-back guarantee; complete details appear at If Mr. Brod wants his money back all he has to do is ask Aspen Skiing Co. for a full refund. We left a message on his voicemail system advising him so but, again, we have received no response.Ron IversonSkier Insurance ServicesKalispell, Mont.

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