Party for HST in Tijuana? |

Party for HST in Tijuana?

Dear Editor:I was happy to have some closure myself concerning the whole HST blow-off. I think it is great that Mr. Depp spent the $2.5 million, and I support friends and family members coming to the private event.Now, let’s plan a huge party anywhere – why not here in San Diego! We can all go down to Tijuana and live it up for a day and spend a lot less than $2.5 million.The one regret I have is not being given the chance to want to travel there (Woody Creek) and participate. Let’s face it, folks, it is an “us and them” world everywhere you go. The rich elite, whether famous or not, rule this country and world. So if you are Johnny Depp and can spend millions on this thing for Hunter, well, go for it! Who cares? It’s his easy money from Hollywood. I mean, teachers get paid say $50,000 a year, and Hollywood stars get $50 million a year. I wouldn’t think that Depp’s money spent even put a dent in his savings account.Now, another thing which is depressing is that as a fan and practitioner of many of HST beliefs, it is sad that people with creative genius are not allowed, or allowed if you’re on the guest list. My meaning is that just because someone has fought all their lives to express and support individual rights just does not matter when there is a list to be made. I would have loved to have been at the Woody Creek Tavern drinking and raising endless hell, but then what? Go down the way just to be confronted by security guards? It seems that these fans set themselves up for disappointment. I mean, “Invitation only, folks!”So everyone is invited down here to San Diego and Tijuana for some real fun. Again, when is the final real party for HST? I hope I made my point about the rich and famous. E-mail me at if you’d like to help organize.Mike PetrovichSan Diego

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