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Participate in democracy

Dear Editor:As you know, Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania offered a resolution in Congress to immediately pull our troops out of Iraq. I called his office and asked his staff person to pass along my gratitude and support for his willingness to speak his mind. Then I sent an e-mail to people that I thought might do the same. About 30 people responded that they, too, made the call.For me this is not about stay in or get out of Iraq. It is about someone in Congress finally standing up to the Bush administration. It seems that if we want politicians to act like statesmen, then we should give them our support when they do.When word gets around Washington, D.C., that Murtha has been getting support from all over the country, then others will be empowered to step up. It seems corny but a couple of hundred phone calls/letters can change events in Washington and eventually the world.Democracy cannot work without the participation of the common person. It is designed that way.Congressman Murtha’s office phone (814) 535-2642. If faxing is easier, (814) 539-6229. Jim PaussaBasalt

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