Part-time residents to convene at the Collective this week in Snowmass |

Part-time residents to convene at the Collective this week in Snowmass

Snowmass part-time community invited to Part-Time Residents Advisory Board event

Anna Meyer
The Aspen Times
An image of The Collective building and the rink area in Snowmass Base Village on July 7, 2020.
Maddie Vincent/Snowmass Sun

Snowmass community members who call the town their second home will gather at the Part-Time Residents Advisory Board meet-and-greet event at the Collective in Snowmass Base Village on Thursday. The event will provide part-time residents with the opportunity to mingle and to hear from local community leaders.

The board was created to provide part-time Snowmass residents with a forum for exchange with the town of Snowmass Village, according to PTRAB chair Michael Mayer. The board creates a mechanism for part-time residents to communicate with government leaders regarding issues they are passionate about.

“If you don’t have a driver’s license that says Snowmass Village as a residency, you actually don’t have a mechanism to get involved in town affairs,” Mayer said. “A part-time resident board creates a forum for people who own property in Snowmass Village who have a huge vested interest in the community to be involved.”

Around half of Snowmass Village’s homeowners are not full-time residents, according to Mayer. The 2016 Snowmass Village Community Profile lists a 44% vacancy rate, according to the most recent data from 2010. This sizable portion of the community would be left out of the town decisionmaking process save for the creation of PTRAB.

“We’re generally not a group that agitates for change,” Mayer said. “I think we’re more of a group that would love to preserve all the good that exists in Snowmass Village today and to the extent that we can help make it better, we’d love to do that as well.”

According to Mayer, Snowmass Village residents run the spectrum from long-time homeowners who care deeply about the community to newer homeowners who may not have as much of a vested interest in the community. Even for long-time homeowners, it can be difficult to meet other residents outside of their direct neighborhood.

“(PTRAB is) just a great opportunity for part-time residents to mingle, to get to know each other,” Mayer said.

Speakers at the event, which begins at 4:30 p.m., will include Snowmass Mayor Bill Madsen, Snowmass HOA President Gene Burrus, Aspen Skiing Co. Snowmass Mountain Manager Susan Cross and East West Partners VP of Finance Charlie Singer.

“We’re incredibly appreciative that the Snowmass Village has created this forum, this advisory board — it’s not something that exists in other communities,” Mayer said. “We look at it as an opportunity to add value to Snowmass Village.

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