Part of the revolution |

Part of the revolution

Dear Editor:

I’d like to add my voice to the many who are already wisely supporting ballot issue 1A. Given my experience in the local design and construction industry, I understand the concerns that property owners have when it comes to additional spending on their projects.

This initiative will allow homeowners to apply for low-cost financing for energy improvements with little or no upfront costs. The loan is attached to the property, not the owner, so future sale of the property is not an issue!

Thinking about investing in a solar system for your roof? Is it time to upgrade your mechanical system in order to save money on your monthly bills? The voluntary Energy Smart Loan Program will help you achieve those goals. This program is not a tax on the community and has already been successfully implemented in Boulder. There is no opposition to the initiative because there is no downside for anyone in the community. This program is part of the green jobs revolution you’ve been hearing about.

Please remember that this year’s election is only by mail-in ballot. Don’t delay, vote yes for 1A today!

Mike Pritchard


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