Part of the problem |

Part of the problem

Dear Editor:

Well, you’ve proved to the community that you are most certainly the type of person that enjoys kicking others when they are down … and why not rip on the local papers as well? Makes sense. Your negativity is not welcome here. And you think Aspen is still classy? What! Where is your class, John? But I suppose your idea of “classy” is a material thing, not character, but I don’t want to judge you. I haven’t met you … have you met them … you know, those “van people,” in “another ugly van?” And John, they do have names.

Obviously driving under the influence is wrong; it’s a law. I’m not defending her decision to drive impaired. But I’m sure Jane and Michael aren’t proud of their mistake, but it gives you, a millionaire, no right to judge them or those that helped them. Quite frankly John, you disgust me. You are part of the problem …

Adam Fletcher