Part of the problem |

Part of the problem

Dear Editor:

In response to all babble coming out of Sue Gray and her mouth …

Sue, you are on the warpath to make it known how much you dislike Israel. Well, since I couldn’t care less about the actual point you are trying to make, here are two cents just about you.

Sue, do you pay taxes? Are you proud to be an American? Do you buy local? Do you support your neighbors and community? Seriously, do you live just like myself and others and represent America in a decent, law-abiding manner?

Well, guess what, if you pay your taxes, I guarantee at least one penny of it has gone toward Israel in one manner or another. Whether it is food, water, clothing or weapons, I guarantee at least one penny of your tax money has bought an Israeli a chance to defend against your precious Palestinians. I can goddamn guarantee at least one penny of your tax dollars has gone toward a bullet, a gun or a bomb that has killed an Israeli, and a Palestinian. You have paid for an American soldier to travel across seas and support a war you are clearly against. You pay for the funeral of a life lost over a problem bigger than yourself.

Sue, unless you can track every cent you’ve paid in taxes (if you pay them in the first place), I know you have funded your enemy, the Israeli state. I know you have inadvertently killed your “do no wrong” Palestinian people. And most likely have been for years.

Now, unless you decide to exile yourself, and leave America, no longer being a citizen of this country, you can make it so your lifestyle, the American Dream of living here with freedom, is no more. You can move elsewhere in this world. But just think what country out there has not supported Israel in some manner or another? Or supported a country that does support Israel? Or any support to any cause you don’t agree with for that matter.

You have no problem attacking Israel itself over its actions. But your actions, however small, are not only supporting those who you hate, but also killing those you love.

This country is amazing because you can have values of your own, live out your dreams and fight for noble (or not) causes. But I hope you realize every penny you make and spend can be killing and destroying someone else’s life, whether you want to admit it or not. Your life can stand up for what values you hold dear, and thank you for doing so, but I hope you know you are responsible for this problem too, as are we all.

Chris Everding

Glenwood Springs

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