Part 3: Leadership key issue for AVH board candidates

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

Editor’s note: This is the final installment in a three-part series featuring questions for the candidates for Aspen Valley Hospital’s board of directors.

Today’s question: What is the most important issue facing Aspen Valley Hospital?

Greg Balko

There are numerous issues facing AVH at this time. Finding the right person to fill the CEO vacancy is at the top of that list; however, I will take the opportunity to mention the need for AVH to expand its medical staff and services provided. The hospital has recently recruited a new ENT and ophthalmologist and is working with the University of Colorado to bring subspecialists to our valley. This is a great start, but I feel we need to accomplish this and even more. We should be looking at additional subspecialty clinics (nephrology, surgical subspecialties and pediatric subspecialties.) We need to increase AVH’s presence in the midvalley, refine our orthopedic services and investigate the need for other subspecialties, all with the intention of providing better services and care right here in our valley.

Peter Hershberger

Trust. We need more community members to seek care at AVH versus driving to Denver, Vail, Grand Junction, Rifle and Glenwood Springs. When it’s not a trust issue but rather a physician that takes patients away from AVH, we need to bring that physician to AVH. We must put the people of our valley first, giving them uncompromised world-class care. No exceptions.

Michael Lyons

There is a wide and dangerous gap between the hospital and the community that supports it. I want to fix that by being a voice for citizens on the board. The CEO search is an important part of restoring AVH to the community. The ideal CEO candidate must be compassionate, business-savvy, able to lead a large organization and have a desire to be a part of the community he or she serves.

Mindy Nagle

At this moment the most important task facing AVH is the completion of the CEO search.

Joseph Nedlin

Leadership (CEO) and a realistic business model. A need to anticipate the significance of mergers and consolidation in the health care industry.

Rudi Scheidt

The most important issue facing the Aspen Valley Hospital is the risk of hiring the wrong CEO.

Eric Willsky

The most important issue facing the board is finding consistent leadership that will bring together all the stakeholders to create a hospital that will serve the long-term needs of the community. We need a consistent vision and with the quality of our caregivers we can demonstrate that AVH is the place to go for your health care.


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