Parks and Wildlife: Residents need to be mindful of wildlife while decorating

Summit Daily staff report

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking residents to keep animals in mind while putting up decorations this holiday season.

Earlier this season a buck deer became tangled in a rope being used as part of a holiday display in Salida, requiring officers with parks and wildlife and the Salida Fire Department to cut it loose. According to the CPW, instances of wildlife becoming snarled in decorations emerge every year, in part because deer are entering their mating season this time of year and are moving around to find a mate.

To prevent animals from getting tangled, CPW suggests that decorations be wrapped tightly around posts or trees, hanging lights should be hung at least 6 feet off the ground and decorations attached to houses or buildings should be secured tightly. Additionally, CPW is asking that lights not be draped over bushes or trees.

If you see a buck or another animal has become snared in decorations or other items, contact the nearest CPW office. A wildlife officer will attempt to find the animal and determine if it is a life-threatening situation.